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Clever Fingers Boxes made EASY!

“My fingers now have brains since I began using my Clever Fingers Box!”
Matthew, Age 8

A fun-packed selection of activities designed to help children develop their fine motor skills. Created in conjunction with the Clever Fingers Resource Pack, this activity box contains more than 12 quality activities which can be used to create several Clever Fingers Boxes (either using just these activities or combining them with existing class resources) to put together boxes to meet individual pupil's needs.

This Clever Fingers activity selection contains a wide variety of fun, motivating activities that will intrigue and engage even the most reluctant of learners, and enable pupils to develop a range of fine motor skills that will support their academic leaning. Activities include:- Finger Puppets, Tap Tap Art, Jacobs Ladder; Russian Doll; Posting Box; Mosaic Board & Pegs; Pick Up Sticks; Tongs
& Beads; Modelling Clay with Activity Cards.

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